Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a therapeutic technique used to treat muscular pain and dysfunction. The technique involves inserting a thin, sterile needle into the trigger point, or knot, of a muscle to release tension and promote healing. Dry Needling is different from Acupuncture in that it is based on Western anatomical and neurophysiological principles and uses different types of needles.

Dry Needling is an excellent treatment technique offered at Martvic Exercise Therapy Centre because it can effectively treat a wide range of conditions, including neck and back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, hip pain, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis. The technique can also be used to improve muscle performance and prevent injuries in athletes.

At Martvic Exercise Therapy Centre, our therapists are highly trained and experienced in using Dry Needling to relieve pain and improve function. We take a comprehensive approach to treatment, combining Dry Needling with other techniques such as exercise therapy, manual therapy, and education to address the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction.

Overall, Dry Needling is an excellent treatment technique because it is safe, effective, and can provide rapid pain relief and improved function for many conditions. If you are struggling with pain or dysfunction, consider Dry Needling as a potential treatment option at Martvic Exercise Therapy Centre.