Meet your Therapist! Back and Hip Pains: A Spotlight from Martvic Exercise Therapy Centre 

Karanja: Good morning, Ashiali! I’ve been hearing a lot about hip and back pains becoming increasingly common. What are some of the main causes for these issues?

Ashiali: Hello, Karanja! You’re right, hip and back pains are quite prevalent. Some main causes include poor posture, muscle imbalances, sedentary lifestyles, and injuries from accidents or overuse.

Karanja: Interesting. How can someone distinguish between regular muscle soreness and a more serious hip or back problem?

Ashiali: Great question! Regular muscle soreness often feels generalized and improves with rest. However, persistent or sharp pain, numbness, tingling, or pain radiating down the legs could indicate a more serious issue and should be evaluated by a medical professional.

Karanja: I see. Prevention is always better than cure. What kind of exercises or activities can help prevent hip and back pains?

Ashiali: Absolutely, Karanja. Core-strengthening exercises, flexibility work, and exercises that promote good posture are key. Activities like swimming, yoga, and walking can also help keep the muscles and joints in the hip and back area healthy.

Karanja: That makes sense. But what about people who already experience these pains? What are some effective ways to manage hip and back discomfort?

Ashiali: For those already experiencing discomfort, a combination of gentle stretching, low-impact exercises, and targeted strengthening exercises can be beneficial. Consulting a physical therapist for a personalized plan is advisable to address individual needs.

Karanja: Speaking of personalized plans, what role does professional therapy, like what you provide at Martvic Exercise Therapy Center, play in managing hip and back issues?

Ashiali: At Martvic, we assess each individual’s condition thoroughly and design tailored therapy plans. Our approach includes manual therapy, corrective exercises, and education on proper body mechanics to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall well-being.

Karanja: That sounds comprehensive. Finally, are there any lifestyle adjustments or habits you’d recommend to maintain a healthy back and hips?

Ashiali: Certainly, Karanja. Maintaining a healthy weight, practicing good posture while sitting and standing, lifting objects with your legs instead of your back, and taking breaks during prolonged sitting can all contribute to a healthier back and hips.

Karanja: Thank you so much for all this valuable information, Ashiali. It’s been enlightening to learn about how to take care of our hips and backs properly.

Ashiali: You’re welcome, Karanja. I’m glad I could help shed some light on this important topic. Remember, a proactive approach to hip and back health can lead to a more pain-free and active lifestyle.

Karanja: Absolutely, Ashiali. Thanks again for your time and insights!

Ashiali: It’s my pleasure, Karanja. Stay well and keep those hips and back strong!


  1. This is very insightful as it touches on the core issues that affect us in day to day lives . Thank you Martvic.

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